F. A. Q.

  • Do you have original decals for older JAMIS models?

    Since 1979 when Jamis first rolled out it’s first bicycles we’ve built over 2 million bicycles. With that vast number of models and colors through the years it’s virtually impossible to replicate each and every decal. Jamis does have various JAMIS downtube and headtube badges in a variety of colors in stock that we offer for sale. If you can let us know your frame color or preferred decal color and send along $9.95 along with your return address, we will happily send you a set.

    Please send the request to JAMIS Bicycles/Decals, 151 Ludlow Ave., Northvale, NJ 07647

  • Do you have some free giveaways?

    We do have free giveaways during demo events and festivals, such as stickers and other goodies. Check out ourEvent Calendarfor the most up to date info.

  • Do you have some JAMIS stickers you can send me?

    JAMIS Bicycles has thousands of requests for stickers annually. What we recommend to individuals that are seeking stickers is to check our websites for events that we sponsor. At most of these events we distribute stickers to those in attendance, and you can always go to our demo sites and ask for the sticker giveaways. Check our Facebook Storefront.

  • Do you have touch-up paint available for JAMIS frames?

    JAMIS does not stock touch up paint for our bicycles. We recommend that you visit your local Hobby Shop, or check on line for Hobby Shop Paints. There are hundreds of varieties of colors to choose from and a paint that will match your frame is easily found.

  • Where can I purchase JAMIS clothing?



    Jamis Apparel is currently available through our Facebook Storefront.